The 7th International Convention on Colorants (COC) will be held on 9th and 10th February 2017 at The Club, Andheri, Mumbai. This biennial event, organized jointly by Department of Dyestuff Technology, Institute of Chemical Technology and Dyestuff Manufacturers Association of India, provides a platform to industry professionals, academicians, manufacturers and application specialists for exchanging knowledge, generating new ideas, identifying and solving problems, and discussing future trends and possibilities in the colorants field.

While the journey of the Indian dyestuff industry from import dependency to self sufficiency was long and dreary, its transformation from a domestic player to a major exporter has been rapid and dramatic. That this paradigm change has happened despite increasing scrutiny and regulation, both national and international, is all the more commendable. Improvement in manufacturing processes and development of new products has played a major role in this achievement. However, colorants are finding new applications, customers are becoming more demanding and the society at large would like the industry to become sustainable.

COC-17 will attempt to address all these issues by way of presentations from a select group of national and international speakers who are recognized experts in their chosen field. A Poster Session has been included, which will offer a platform to research students for presenting their work.

About 200 delegates are expected to attend this convention thereby creating a very good opportunity to make new contacts and renew old ones. This convention will be immensely beneficial to entrepreneurs, marketing and manufacturing professionals, R&D scientists and university researchers.

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